April 26, 2010

monday night lovin'

okay, a real post as promised!
petey & i had such a great weekend, as always.
we had a wonderful dinner with pete's dad & bro on friday night..
saturday i just hungout all day while pete was at work. took little milo for a walk along the water and just waited for my babe to be done work. we went to value village & i got some super cute stuff, i only spent $11.00 - amazzzzing!
here's what i got ;;

the cutest fucking tea pot ever $1.99
cute heart dish $1.99
4 lemon drop cupcake candles $1.99
this adorable little honey jar $1.99

we got up to st.catharines after a fun drive up!
played beer pong, flip cup, watched the PENS win!!! & went to a cougar bar later.
we had such a fun night!
sunday was a lazy day spent watching hockey, and hanging with pete's mom, a yummy dinner and then sunday night snugglessss :) perfection.
this is my favourite pup in the world..milo ;
weight watcher's is going well so far, i must say.
i'm proud of myself so far. it just takes some getting used to.
i'm driving pete crazy, but i've been successful.
lots of fruits and veggies and LOTS of water! 
typical snacks for me ;;
water with lemon & cucumber;
today i headed home from pete's
baked some adorable cupcakes..
went on a bike ride..
went to the gym..
got a new gym bag..
did laundry..
& now tea and blogs!
here's my cuppy's i made today,

i'm bringing these into work tomorrow, because it's my last day :( :( :(


  1. where are you working after this job?

    the cupcakes are so cute, and your thrift finds are amazing.

    and, how cute can your puppy be?!

  2. p.s. you made me want berries real bad :).

  3. Aww great finds! Love the little honey jar!

  4. The teapot is truly fab!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)