April 13, 2010

my first ever GIVEAWAY!!!

welcome to... the life of a cupcake's first ever giveaway!
hi cupcakes♥
it's giveaway time!
here's the deal :)
* you must be a follower of my blog to enter!
* leave a comment answering these 2 questions;;
what is your favourite cupcake topping?  &&
what is your favourite song to dance around to?
* if you're a new follower please post your blog address!
* if you post about this on your blog, you get an extra entry!
* if you have my button on your blog, you get an extra entry!

please leave a comment for each entry..
i will post the winner next tuesday at 7pm!
good luck!

some cuuuute lipgloss!
littlest petshop toys!
cute as ever pencils, paint, erasers :)
mini canvas, cute stickers, crayons
cupcake piggy bank!
whale wall sticker!
gummi bears!!! & smarties yummy
5 cute as hell notebooks, little miss book, & "i have to go" book!

i will add one more very cute & special thing made by my lovely friend rachel



  1. Best giveaway ever!!! I love it!
    :) :)
    Let's see...my fave cupcake topping would have to be marshmallows! I love 'em! I also enjoy little plastic gnomes & deer cake toppers ;) & best song to dance to?? Hmm...probably the Pipettes, Pull Shapes. But the whole album is pretty dance-able, they are so fun!
    Ooh, I have my fingers crossed with this giveaway!!

  2. Oh yea! & your cute little button is on my blog page! :)

  3. Wow, what an adorable giveaway!!

    1) Fresh strawberries. :]
    2) Lately, shoot me in the face, its been Party in the USA. It's just so dang catchy!

  4. I'm a follower and I have your button on my blog!

    favorite cupcake topping: white icing for chocolate cupcakes. but not the whipped stuff, give me straight icing :).

    and my favorite song to dance around to is hanson's new single thinkin bout something. very fun.

    congrats on the first ever giveaway! i need to do one soon!

  5. What a cute giveaway!!!!

    Favorite topping would be white icing with sprinkles!!!

    In The Sun makes me want to skip around the house lol

    I hope I win :D


  6. Omigosh this is the cutest giveaway! I'm already a follower.
    My favourite is icing chocolate or vanilla and sprinkles or crystalized flowers :)
    My dance around the house song is "dancing queen" by ABBA :)
    Good luck everyone! x

  7. Are you kidding? This is your first giveaway? This is one of the best giveaways I've ever seen! My favourite cupcake topping is either sprinkles or gummy bears.The best song to dance around the house to... has to be "Jet Black Cadilac" by Stereos. *blushing*
    I really hope I win! :)


  8. Wow those prizes are so cute!

    My favorite cupcake topping is butter icing covered in sprinkes!

    My favorite song to dance around to is Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed
    good luck everyone!
    thanks x


    I posted about it on my blog, babe!

    Favourite cupcake topping is cream cheese icing (which I always thought sounded disgusting... til I tried it!) and maybe some gummi bears. <3

    Favourite song to dance around to is... very hard, but what came to mind is "Swing" by Savage (the one from 'Knocked Up'). I just loooove doing the dice roll, and it's just such an awesome fun song.


  10. PS. I NEEEEEED that whale wall sticker in my life STAT. If I don't win, will you tell me where you found it?!

  11. i am already a blog follower :)
    my favorite cupcake topping would be any sort of cute little sprinkles, especially when they are in the shapes of things like hearts and dinosaurs!
    my favorite song to dance to (at the moment!) is "squat with me" by the great gaylord!

  12. i also have your blog button on my blog :D

  13. My favourite cupcake topping is peanut butter frosting and my favourite dancing song is Hey Ya by Outkast!

  14. Please enter me! I'm already a follower :)

    Fave cupcake topping - marshmallow.

    Fave song to dance to is Beyonce - Single Ladies.


  15. Hello, cupcake!!! :D:d i'm a new follower siiiince... maybe 2 days ago? I can't remember but it's a super coincidence that you made your very first giveway now!! There is so great stuff in there :D
    First of all... let me introduce: i'm Georgina, from Barcelona (Spain) and I loooove your blog. I've been following it in silence for a while but since I have this new blog I wondered why not to add you, hope you don't mind :$ I looove cupcakes and I cannot remember how I found your blog but it was a while ago.
    Then, my fav cupcake topping would be green coloured vanilla frosting with a bit of mint taste (over a black chocolate cupcake, of course!!) aaannnd my favourite song to dance iiiis... Rock your baby, by Wanda Jackson... if you haven't listented to it you should...

    Now.. I should head to bed.. it's really late!!

  16. hey Julie! congrats and yay to your first giveaway!

    hmmm this is a tough question to answer! but i think i''ll have to say that lately i LOVE a cream cheese icing, and on top DINO SPRINKLES (totally amazing and classic)

    and let's see, favourite song to dance around to?? hmmmm i think i will go with jump by kris kross because i danced to it this weekend and it just ALWAYS makes me happy! hahaha

    i will post about it on my blog of course:


  17. super cute giveaway.
    love it! *crosses fingers* :]

    my favorite cupcake topping (among a couple others): coconut

    a favorite song to dance around to: id have to say "buttons" by the pussycat dolls

    ive been following for a little bit. i love to read your goings-on and all about the cupcakes! :]
    heres my blog: livesforgod.blogspot.com

  18. and i posted about your giveaway on my blog!

  19. what is your favourite cupcake topping? chocolate buttons, smarties, chocolate icing! :)

    what is your favourite song to dance around to? anything by miley cyrus :)

    great blog and giveaway.

  20. WOW, what a giveaway! I love it all! Good job!

    * Of course, I'm a follower!!

    1. what is your favourite cupcake topping?
    Hmm, I like to mix it up but sprinkles are probably my favorite. Sprinkles are so fun!

    2. what is your favourite song to dance around to?
    This morning I was dancing to "Break Your Heart" while making breakfast :)

    * I already have your blog button on my page! :)


  21. omg omg omg...totally kawaii giveaway!!! you're awesome :D

    my favorite cupcake topping is well nothing! i'm a plain kind of girl but sprinkles are nice every now and then :P

    my favorite song to dance around to would be "walking on sunshine" love happy happy songs like that!

  22. blogged & tweeted ;)


  23. Hi Julie, I'm a new follower and my name is Stevie. What a super cute giveaway, thank you so much for the chance.

    My favorite cupcake topping is creamcheese icing.

    My favorite song to dance around to is She Has A Girlfriend Now by Reel Big Fish.


  24. My blog is rolismail.blogspot.com!
    My favorite cupcake topping is cream cheese icing.
    I like to dance to Paper Planes by M.I.A.
    I LOVE this giveaway, the first thing I saw was the Smarties which reminded me of my childhood in Canada.

  25. What a wonderful. fantastic, and awesome giveaway. Wow! i would love to win it. I am new to your blog, just found you. It is so great. I love sprinkles on top of buttercream icing. I love to dance around to FOOTLOOSE! Wonderful song. Hugs, Linda gypsyluv1010@gmail.com

  26. I'm a new follower! (One Among Many)

    My blog is http://pooftacular.wordpress.com

  27. My favorite cupcake topping is any sort of sugary-crumbly-type stuff. I had a blue cupcake once that had a brown sugar/cinnomon crumble on top. It was sooo tasty!

    I think a great song to dance to would have to be quite a few Michael Jackson songs...Thriller, Beat It...

    Oh, my email address is mesmer22@gmail.com just in case I were to win this absolutely wonderful giveaway!

  28. mmm...my favorite cupcake topping would be gummie bears and little plastic toys. cause then you can keep them and later on be like, "Ah, this was ---- cupcakes in 06, a very good year."
    yeah..anyway. A great song to dance to, is Dancing with Myself by Mr. Billy Idol.

  29. recently found your blog and i love it!

  30. hi! i am a new follower :)
    my favorite cupcake topping is chocolate frosting [boring, perhaps. but "yellow cake" + choco frosting = AWESOME].
    i love dancing around to music remakes from glee :D hahaha

    roxy @ www.grrfeisty.com

  31. oh AND i posted your button on my blog. yay!

  32. fave cupcake topping...any kind of sprinkles!! also, i love dancing around to jay-z's empire state of mind. :]

  33. Hi! I am a new follower of your blog! What an awesome giveaway.
    My favorite topping is sprinkles and I love dancing around to anything from the 80s.

  34. My favorite cupcake topping is oreos :)
    and i love dancing around to Phoenix. They are the best.

  35. I love Candy Confetti on cupcakes...
    and love dancing to anything Gaga.
    I am in the process of starting my blog.
    The address will be http://nerdyflirty.blogspot.com/
    If I change it I'll repost. :)

  36. sweeeet giveaway!
    my favourite cupcake topping is vegan vanilla icing. sooo good.
    hmmm. i like to dance to lots of songs. ummm, let's say today my fave is karma chameleon.

  37. this is a really really amazing giveaway however since you are one of my sweetest friends and i get amazing little presents like this in the mail on a regular basis i won't be entering. i'll give someone else the opportunity to get the BEST mail EVER!!

    love you jujubes

  38. Holy CUTE!!! This is so fabulous! I am a new follower! My name links to my blog, but it is justjingle@blogspot.com. My favorite cupcake topping is CARAMEL!!! And I like to dance around to any music, but a couple of songs that always get me are anything by Lady Gaga, Men In Black by Will Smith (yup..old school! LOL!), and Black Eyed Peas madness!

  39. Ah! What a lovely giveaway!!! I'm so excited to enter!! My favorite cupcake topping is heart shaped sprinkles!! Or sweetheart candies!! My favorite song to dance to is Lady Gaga's "Telephone", but it's always changing!!

  40. Your button in on my blog!! It's so cute!!

  41. Ohhhhhh! Pretty stufffffffffffs! What an awesome giveaway, I have to try for this one. :)
    My favorite cupcake topping is...buttercream frosting with strawberries cut in half on top. :)
    <3333 I'm already a follower, and I'm a huge fan of your smile. It's THE best.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)