May 1, 2010

busy saturday!

today i...
woke up early,
made some pancakes!
had pancakes & strawberries for breakfast;;
DROVE over to the grocery store to get a few things for my cupcake order;;
(i wish i had a car that looked like this!)

bake & decorated 4o pretty purple cupcakes;;
made a pita with veggies;;
cleaned up;;
& now..relaxing!
next up :
maybe watching some friends
cleaning my room
getting ready for tonight!
going to bring my grandma cupcakes because it's her birthday ♥
i found the perfect dress in my collection for tonight, hehehe :)
what are YOUR plans this evening?
i am excited to dance.

all images from google


  1. this was a fun post!! i think it would be so strange to drive with you (not in a bad way. i wouldn't be scared or anything, haha we're just not drivers...i'm the same. people would probably find it weird to drive with me cause i haven't had my license...ever) haha, anyway! take an outfit photo. i keep thinking this about your need to do outfit posts julie, you have the best wardrobe!! okay?? good! :) have fun tonight love! i'm going dancing too...wooo!!

  2. your blog is just delightful,
    and i love the pretty imagery in each post.
    tis quite uplifting!
    thank-you so much for sharing your loveliness with the world!
    have fun being wonderful!
    x x


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)