May 9, 2010


i ♥ my mom
(so so SO much!)
today is mother's day,
and i could not be more thankful for my mom.
she is the most kind, beautiful caring woman i have ever known. her constant care and love for my family amazes me every day. i hope i can be half he mom she is someday, because she is perfect in every day! we've always got along so well, and i always feel like i can tell her anything, anytime. she dealt with such a hard challenge in our lives, losing the love of her life, her husband, and our dad - but no matter what she thought of us first, and that's what a mom does, she loves and cares for her kids more than anything.
so to my beautiful mom, thank you..
for being the most selfless, incredible person in my life.
i love you today, and every single day of my life!



you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)