May 28, 2010

sexy and the city.

happy friday everyone!!! ♥
i hope everyone has fun weekend plans!

it's hot as f$ck friday!
today's hottie;
channing tatum:)
i just watched "dear john" last night - it was a typical chick flick, but it was actually pretty good/cute. i read the book, and they actually did a really good job keeping the same story line throughout the movie which i was impressed with!
i know he's kinda sketchy, but he is SUCH a babe.
(especially in uniform, HELLO!)

the other night, i got together with my girls and we re-watched the first sex and the city movie, getting pumped for the 2nd one!!!
i actually LOVED that movie..
(& i just love new much!)

so after a short day trip to toronto (i will post why later...)
i am going out for dinner/drinks with my girls & then to see
is anyone else going to see it this weekend?

i obvioussssssly loved this cupcake purse of lilly's from the first movie. I WANT IT!


  1. Such a cute post :) & YES, Channing Tatum is HOT! ;)

  2. bahahaha I went to highschool with Chan Tatum :)
    But I never thought he was cute and I've never seen him in a movie lol but I mean I get it, his body is pretty awesome!

    I love that cupcake purse lol maybe when you get married your ring should be a giant diamond cupcake ;) it'd be cute!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  3. job interview (is that the short day trip?) or possibly orientation as you already got the job maybe?!?

    i heard the second one isn't that good...not enough drama, i am hopefully going to see it sometime next week or maybe this weekend!! i'm in a sex and the city fashion show at the theatre here in ptbo tomorrow night for the shops downstairs, but don't get to see the movie! haha

  4. I loved Dear John!! But I actually cried almost through the whole movie. You probably went to toronto to talk to your boss right? :)

    I really want to see SITC2 soon but first watch the first movie again.

  5. Owww and love Channing Tatum ;)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)