May 13, 2010

a tribute to my hero.

i miss you dad.
rest in peace.
the story behind my "LUCY" tattoo on the inside of my lip ;;
about 38(ish) years ago, 
my dad and mom had been dating for about 5 years.. they were highschool sweethearts, first loves, 2 peas in a pod. my mom went on vacation to florida, and while she was gone my dad decided to get a tattoo. not just any tattoo, but a tattoo with her NAME on it! annnnd it just happened to be on the inside of his lip (that's how he rolled) so he did it, he got "LUCY" tattooed on his inner lip, one of his friends said "but jimmy, what if you don't end up with lucy forever?" he said he knew he would, and he was right.
when my mom got home my dad surprised her with his new tattoo! she of course couldn't believe it, but loved it.

2 years ago i decided to get that same tattoo to honour the 2 most amazing people in my life, my mom and my dad. ♥
& THAT is why i have "LUCY" tattooed on my inner lip.

may 13th,
i hate this day. the thought of this day brings tears to my eyes and a pit in my chest.
may 13th is the day my dad was taken away from all of us way too soon.
my dad, with me & my brothers on father's day. aww
one of the most recent ones i have of my dad, with my brother joe. i love this one.
me and my daddy! when i was just a little one.  :)

today marks 8 years since my dad passed away, and although they say it gets easier. it doesn't - the people who say this aren't people who lost a dad at 18, or a husband of 25 years.

every year i write about my dad on this day, and if you've read it before it may all seem repetitive. but it feels good to write about him, because it means a lot to me to have the memory of my dad around forever, and i think i've done a great job at that.
everywhere in my room there are pictures and memories of my dad. they are the fondest ones in my life, and i cherish them with all my heart.

not a day goes by that i don't think of my dad - that i'm not reminded of who he was, and all he did. that i don't hear his laugh, or see his smile or think of eating his homemade pancakes for dinner. my dad was such an energetic, positive person and a joy to be around. so much of who i am today is because of all he did for me.

i've always been a positive and happy person, but as odd as it may sound, losing my dad made me one even more so. 

 i try to make my hard experience, a learning experience, and realize that life is too short to be negative, or unhappy.

my dad taught me what life is supposed to be about - living it! enjoying every moment with those you love and make you happy.

he taught me to be selfless,

to love,

and most importantly...

to smile.

people always say that i am "my father's daughter" ;

my dad was badass! he was a long haired hippy who liked the beatles and the rolling stones and rode a motorcycle - and when i was a 16 year old punk who liked dying her hair pink, he was totally into it! that's what i loved about him, nothing phased him. his laid back and relaxed outlook on life made him an incredible husband, father, uncle, brother, son, and friend.

i still talk to him before bed sometimes,

and wonder what he thinks of all my adventures over the years.

and the one thing i want him to know, is that i will never forget.

his memories are always fresh in my mind and always will be...

losing my dad so young was the hardest most challenging thing in in my life, but it's taught me so much about who i want to be, and how to live my life.

and for that dad, i thank you.

oh man, i can't ever write one of these without balling my eyes out!

haha, i'm sorry everyone! hope i didn't make anyone cry too.

but a word of advice, when you complain about your mom or dad or whoever,

remember not all of us are lucky enough to still have our dad, mom, etc...

so if things aren't great, make them good.

if you're mad before bed, call back and say i love you..

and never take anyone or anything in your life for granted :)

& if you read this whole thing,

thank you. ♥


  1. :*(
    You made me tear up with that beautiful post. I lost my dad when I was I don't remember stepdad took over immediately and is the only dad I have ever known...he will be 83 this December and even though he will have led a long, full life, I will NEVER be ready to say goodbye.

  2. aww that is the sweetest! i hope you have a joyful day.

  3. I did read it all, and I did cry! At my desk of course, ha.

    <3 to you today!

  4. What a wonderfully sweet post and such a great story behind your tattoo. You definitely brought tears to my eyes.

  5. I had a little cry reading this :(

    I hope you're ok. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  6. I loved what I just read, believe me... and I cried a lil bit but don't care about it. I'm sure it must be hard for you to write about this and not having tears down your face... I was thinking about my grandpa when I read this 'cause he was like my dad and he passed away some years ago... it's hard, but you've done well: SMILE, because life is worth it.


  7. This is such a sweet post. He sounds like he was an amazing man, and a lot like you! I'm sure he knows how lucky he is to have a daughter like you! <3

  8. you can't write one of those without bawling your eyes out and i can't read one without crying either. they are always so touching. you are such a strong and inspiring person julie...honestly, i know i tell you on a regular basis how incredible you are and how enviable i am of the way you chose to live and the sense of adventure you have. i KNOW that your dad is proud of you! i know you know that too though, none of us need to tell you that. you are one of the best people i have EVER met. you have an amazing outlook on life and never fail to have a smile on your face ♥ i hope today was filled with great memories, not sad ones..
    love you jujubes.

  9. aw this made me tear up! you are such a sweetie!

  10. i wont lie, my eyes are watering. this is so sweet, and i love your tattoo and especially the meaning behind it. thanks for sharing ♥

  11. Oh Julie - I just wanna give you a big huge hug! I think it is so special you got the same tattoo as your dad :) and the story behind it is true love! Remember all the wonderful times with him - you know you have his smile - which is the prettiest part of you! oh man tears - just keep smiling for him and pass on all the memories to your kiddos one day.

  12. you are an inspiring young woman.

  13. Julie, you are an incredibly strong person! I am so glad that writing helps you and I am glad that you have decided to share your thoughts and memories with us. Keep on writing and keep on being you! :)

  14. this was incredible. Love this story :)

  15. Such a sweet post. Loved it. You are awesome, and I adore your tattoo and what it means. Perfect.

  16. tears... i'm floored at your candidness, honesty, and the beauty and sadness of this story. love & hugs.


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