May 19, 2010

wednesday, i liked this one a lot.

wonderful wednesday
(i love him a lot!)

hi my cuties,
today was wonderful!
my interview went really well & i am thinking positive for sure!
thanks for your well wishes:)
you're the sweetest everrrr.

it was epic weather today,
i love how it has such a positive effect on people everywhere,
people just seem so happy - it's so refreshing.
i wish life was like that every day!

after my interview, i walked around toronto..
got some cute red shoes.
& then had dragon boat practice!

modern family was so funny as usual.
casey got kicked off idol, which i figured would happen. he's so cute though!
is anyone else watching? who do you want to win?
i like crystal & lee, but i hope lee wins!

here is another daily outfit,
and it's kinnnnnda a huge deal because i NEVER find shorts that fit me/i like!;;
(ps; this is NOT what i wore for my interview, haha)

both pieces from H&M

i am still so in love with all things nautical. how precious are these? in honour of my nautical outfit for the wedding this weekend :)


  1. I never find shorts I like either!

    I will have to check them out :D

  2. Ohmygosh! Those cupcakes have stolen my heart!! :) Love them to bits! I'm all about the nautical still, too. :) And cute outfit!

  3. Nautical + cupcakes = heaven. <3

    PS. I hate shorts too. Well, I like them... I just hate that they always make my legs look pudgy and awful. You look so cute!

  4. Love the shorts.. so fancy and cute all at the same time.

    You are just too adorable!

    And thank you for the comment! You are too sweet. :]

  5. yayy, crossing my fingers for the job!! and boy you guys look so cute! ♥

  6. i think you're fantastic. :) did you make those nautical cupcakes?!

  7. I love that top. It looks really pretty on you. You and your boyfriend are adorable!

  8. Adore the cupcakes!

  9. julieeeee, you are so teeny tiny!! you look so good!! also, shorts?? i have never ever in my life seen you wearing shorts. pants is another thing that is up there on the never-really-see-you-in list

    haha anyway, you look SO good


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)