June 26, 2010

all we are saying,
is give peace a chance.

this is so scary...
i am watching the news, and i want to cry.
it's so sad looking at this incredible city that i love so much,
go up in flames (literally)
if you didn't already know, the g20 summit is taking place in toronto right now.
i wish we never accepted to have it here.
it's become such a frightening place...
i hate to think that people are watching this & thinking bad things about toronto/canada.
it's normally an amazing, peaceful place.
however protesters (lots who aren't even from toronto) are trying to prove their point, in an extremely negative way. setting cars on fire, smashing store window's, taunting police officers, and while trying to complain about the state of the world - they are making it even worse.
i can't watch it anymore.
i know it sounds cliche but i really do wish we could all live in peace.
one of the 6 or 7 police cars set on fire today;;
and to top it all off -
my boy isn't coming to visit tonight, and i am so sad.
all the go trains got cancelled, which means so did our time together.
i had a big plan for him too...for tomorrow's england game.
i was going to make a big sunday breakfast, i painted england signs, got red and white wigs, and was going to bake cookies & put the england flag on them.
oh, so sad...
i just need to set my mind at ease,
it's time for a bubble bath, a tea & a good book.

please think happy thoughts for our world,
it needs it!


  1. I feel very bad about all this as well. I'm a Canadian too and I wish things had gone on more peacefully.
    I also feel bad your plans don't work out. I'm missing someone very badly too this Saturday evening. So happy thoughts to you, even though the world isn't such a happy place at the moment. I love your blog and your cupcakes always cheer me up :)

  2. oh my, I had no idea this was going on. This is so horrible :(
    I am sending happy thoughts your way!

    x0 Laura

  3. Your blog makes me feel so gleeful!

  4. It's bizarre that this is happening in Toronto. I left the city to avoid all of this & have been watching the news - it's totally unreal and I just can't believe this stuff! What a day... ugh!

  5. i was in england last year when they had the g20 summit there, it was really scary.. i know exactly how you feel!

  6. i think it's important for people, especially people in toronto (or southern ontario) to stand up for their rights.
    all you are seeing the news are the protesters being angry, violent. they are trying to be peaceful but when police themselves are making it worse...
    what about images of the police that are egging them on, brutally beating people and arresting those for just being on the street, shooting rubber bullets?

    don't you see something wrong with spending 1 BILLION dollars on a conference for 20 PEOPLE?? when 3 MILLION dollars could end world hunger?

    i wish i was there protesting. we can be told that being silent is still ok.

  7. i guess everyone looks at it a different way. and i support the police officers taking action on this people, because they are causing a lot of damage to everything. the reason they spent all this money is to try and keep people safe, so if they don't take action to those people then it's going to get worse.

    imagine what it would be like down there if there wasn't any security or police. i actually think they should be doing more.

    if people want to go smash store windows, and light cars on fire, then they deserve to be harmed in my mind,

    that's why this is my blog, for my opinions. so maybe you could go anonymously post on your blog? or perhaps protest.

    but i personally support the officers and law enforcement 110%
    i think the people causing harm are an embarassment, and are doing a horrible job getting their point across.
    and that's MY opinion, on MY blog.


    It's so annoying that its anonymous too. Way to disagree, anonymously. Real cool.

    I support the police 100% too. :]

  9. the people of the Black Bloc aren't even protesters at all, they are anarchists, looking for an opportunity to cause damage and chaos. furthermore, they aren't from Toronto at all, standing up for your rights, as you say.

    and the police actually support peaceful protesting, it is the people that are NOT being peaceful that are warranting that reaction from police.

    the decision to place the G20 in the heart of downtown toronto was wrong. and the money spent on it was too much, but those are the choices they made, not us.

    and how would 3 million dollars end world hunger? there are many more complicated factors involved in that idea- much more than a mere 3 million could fix.

    if you want to protest, go do it- don't post your opinion (not fact) on someone else's blog. it is her opinion too, and you can't tell her that she's wrong.

  10. you're a killer girlfriend. i think i need lessons, even if i'm already married. haha.


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