June 4, 2010

FRIDAY, feeling good about this one.

well, happy friday friends!
i have a good feeling about today, because it's the first day the sun has come out in the last few days. & i am glad it's back!!! :)

it's been a great couple of days..
pete's here! so i'm obviously stoked on life.
he came here on wednesday and we took my gram & gramp out for lunch, and then pete came to dragon boat practice with me because we recruited him to be on our team! it rained so hard the whole time, hahaha...it was kinda fun though!

yesterday we ran lots of errands and got stuff for this weekendddd :)
we also ordered pizza (mmmm...)
snuggled & watched "the road"
has anyone seen it?
i read the book, and absolutely LOVED it, and i think the movie was great too (sad though!)

pete's at work for the day,
& i am puttering around, cleaning..and catching up on some blogs
(also, hitting the gym later, i am slipping....! noooo!)

also, i must say i had a wonderful start to my friday when my girl carly
informed me that the lovely, creative, and sweet janel from run with scissors, featured me on her blog. she wrote the cutest and kindest words ever.
janel, you are a friggin sweetie pie girl! i love you & your blog.

today is also a very special day, it's my big brothers birthday!
so JOEY, i love youuuuu so much!
you are the best ever and i am so thankful for having such an amazing big brother my whole life (make that two!) i've always been so close with my brothers, and it really is such an awesome thing. and another cool thing about my bro? he blogs for his job! how cool is that?!

i've got such a busy weekend ahead of me!
tonight i am picking pete up at the train, and then my fave aunt & uncle are coming over!!!
we got some red wine & some new pina colada mix, mmm.
i am going to bake some cupcakes, so i can send some down to my bro for tomorrow
also - this weekend is ribfest! so we will be heading there at some point;)
also, going to watch HOCKEY tonight at a friends house.
tomorrow i will be getting ready for the big party we are throwing!
making homemade guacamole, more cupcakes and candy skewers (i will post pics!)
saturday we are having a BBQ/potluck party for my BFFS because they are getting married in september. it will be so fun to see everyone i haven't seen in a while.
sunday our day starts EARLY, we have our dragon boat races ALL day!!!

today is hot as f*%k friday!
has anyone else been watching the bachelorette?
i normally don't watch, but i am kinda into it this time..
& i loveeee roberto, what a hunk!
i will try to blog this weekend, but it's gonna be busy!!
hope you all have a wonderful weekend
CRUMBS CUPCAKES! my favourite cupcakes in the world. when i went to the NY crumbs, i was honestly in heaven. mmmmm...


  1. happy birthday to your brother!

    those cupcakes look delicious!

    i love it when people say hunk, by the way ;).

    have a good weekend!!

  2. love your blog!!!
    ive gotten back into watching the bachelorette this season, love it! didnt really think i would, but now im hooked!

  3. I saw the Road. I really liked it! It did make me very sad and gave me apocalyptic dreams. I thought about reading the book, but wasn't sure.... so now I will :) Happy weekend. I love your blog.

  4. Happy Birthday to your brother! I hope you have a wonderful fun weekend!



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