June 19, 2010

i quite like you.

i really like you guys.
just thought i'd say...
i've got so many new followers/friends,
& your comments make me smile every day.
thank you!
yesterday was awesome...busy but fun!
i had to work today but got home around 3.
it's been a lazy day...
now it's rainy & gloomy
( i wish my boy was here )
i plan on watching season 2 of friends
annnnd catching up on my journal pages.
did i mention i'm a huge geek? ;;


  1. If by geek you mean freakin' cutie, then YES. You are such a geek. :]

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  3. ah!!! i have to start my journal!!! i'm such a procrastinator. it's funny though, i can pick your pages out in a second from all of them on flicker!

    p.s. look!!! NEW blog! be my first follower, cutie!


  4. hehehe, you guys are so sweettttt

  5. you are so adorable. i love love love your blog!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)