June 12, 2010

morning tea/blog sat morn'

me and my honey pie had the BEST day at wonderland:)
i have a busy weekend ahead!
today we're trying on our bridesmaid dresses (shit, i wanted to lose 10 more pounds!)
& looking for shoes..
and then BFF night.
tomorrow i am having a wedding shower for my bff, it's going to be SO cute!
i will post lots of pics.
i hope everyone has a magical weekend ♥


  1. i opened your package this morning, i really REALLY needed a pick me up after a rough night/exhausting week and i figured what better way then a little julie ross love, so it was a day early! i'm so glad i did though cause reading your nice words and all your nice presents was exactly what i needed on this gloomy morning. you never fail to make me smile, even when you're in pickering and i'm in peterborough. i too am having my morning tea and blog time...and julie ross time :) i love you so much. you've never been anything short of an amazing friend who makes me feel so special. i love yooou!!

  2. AWWW C A R L Y Y Y Y Y Y Y!
    this made me smile so much. it was just something little but i am glad it brightened your day so much because that was the plaN! i sooo i wish i was there to celebrate with you, i love you so much girl!
    have an amazing day my life
    happppppy birthday<3
    thanks for your kind words, always


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)