June 6, 2010

sunday sicky.

sunday love.
inspirational quote sunday;;
honestly one of my favourite quotes of all time/words to live by...
"nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

i had such an amazing weekend
(but now i am feeling so sick..)
more about the weekend & such tomorrow.
hope yours was perfect.
(like you)


  1. I love UP! ;o)
    and an amazing quote!

    x0 Laura

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  3. there are numerous things on your 25 list before you turn 26 that i want to do with you:
    have a tea party
    get another tattoo
    make rootbeer floats
    fly a kite
    ...we could do this all in one day! come visit miss driver :)
    ps: you can cross off "get a new job that i love" cause you did already!!

  4. Cute post but hope you feel better soon!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)