June 27, 2010

toy story is love.

are you guys sick of me yet?
i've blogged a lot this weekend.

since it's sunday,
you know what that means...

inspirational quote sunday♥ ;
"act as if it were impossible to fail"
-dorothea brande

this is a good reminder for me too,
i have a really important interview tomorrow.
i've had a few lately,
but this one is different.
i am so nervous, but i am thinking positive...
i know i can do it:)

thanks to everyone for their kind words my last few posts(and always) you make my day!!!<3

i am almost at 200 followers,
once i get to 200,
i will be having a cute giveaway!
i've got some stuff already.
it's gonna be sweet!:)

ok, so i finally saw toy story 3 today, with my bff.
it was everything i wanted it to be & MORE!!!
so so so so cute.
i cried (and so did the man next to me, haha)
i loved everything about this movie!
bonnie was my favourite, she's precious!;;

omg, i love her.


  1. I've been blogging more than normal too! but no, yours are so sweet/cute/perfect. Keep it up!

    Good luck on your interview! You will nail it. I don't see how someone could NOT hire you. srsly.

  2. julie - a couple things...
    ~crappy about the anoy. comment. at least own up to your words if you choose to comment!
    ~you will do AWESOME at the interview!
    ~sorry i missed carly's shower....it looked fabulous.
    ~hope to see you soon!
    xo allison

  3. hey!
    i just saw your comment on janel's blog about canada, and figured it wouldn't hurt to follow a fellow toronto gal :)
    i'm not there right now but will be back in the annex in sept :)
    have you just moved there? hope you rock the interview!

  4. I want to see Toy Story 3 badlyyy! Love love LOVE that cartoon pic of Woody and Buzz!

    x0 Laura


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