June 8, 2010

week of FUN ; image heavy (sorrrrrry)

you're awesome!
thanks for all the sweet comments on my post below :)
i apologize because this post is image heavy, buttttt -
there's SOOOOO much to look forward to.
honestly, this is a week of everything amazing & fun!
first things first!
it's tuesday so it's time for
a photo that makes me smile;;
this is a photo of my mom and my brother, on his wedding day! i just think it's the cutest thing in the world! so much happiness in this photo for sure. it was a perfect day!

things to look forward to...

janel is SO awesome.
she's one of my fav bloggers & she's doing a 30 day journaling challenge!
it's starting monday, june 14th - so you have time to get organized!:)
she will be posting the daily pages on her blog.
i am doing it FOR SURE & i think you should too♥

i know my fellow gleeks
are excited about tonight's finale!
i am actually SOOOOOOOOOO excited
(& also sad because i don't want it to be over)
who will be watching tonight?!

last night i had training downtown for my new job,
somehow the fact that i bake cupcakes came up and awful lot...
now i am thinking i need to make some & bring them to training for everyone tomorrow! so i will be baking some today (for my friend's birthday) AND more tomorrow to bring to my new co-workers:)

this thursday is a VERY exciting day!
it's mine & pete's 2 year anniversary!!!!!
yeyeyeyeyeye. i am so excited.
we aren't spending a lot of money on eachother, and we wanted to do something FUN for it, so we are going to canada's wonderland for the day! & we'll have a picnic too:)
ALSO - i plan on doing a post on "our story" this week in honour of our 2 year anni....i know, i've been planning to do it FOREVER

friday i am hanging with my bff, and we are mailing out the invitations for her wedding!
ALSO, having a girrrrrrls night on friday with my besties!
saturday we are going to pick up our bridesmaid dresses! omgggggg!:)
i am having a wedding shower at my house for my BFF.
i am so excited because i have SO much cute stuff planned.

i know i am a 5 year old, but i realllllly want this. hahhaa how cute is it though?


  1. Aww...sweet pictures! I love the cupcake cafe! So cute. :)

  2. julie! i've been meaning to tell you this, but i was at michaels the other day and saw something cute laying around that totally reminded me of you!

  3. I love the photo that makes you happy. It looks like you have a fun week ahead, those cupcakes look delicious!!

  4. aw, that photo of your mum and bro is super cute!! and i'm SO excited for you and pete; congrats girly!! i know how big of a milestone it is for you (it was for me too...us girls who had bfs for like a month) 2 years is huge! haha, anyway! so glad you are happy and doing well,
    love you.

  5. Seriously, are you like dying after that episode?!?! I cried like a hundred times and I am not even a crier! I already downloaded all of the songs and am listening to them on repeat.
    I love you!
    and this post :)

  6. also do you ship cupcakes to America? I would totally buy some!

  7. I love this post, and having fun things to look forward too!
    2 years! Yayy! That is awesome.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)