July 23, 2010

awww, wow!

hello my little cupcakes!
wow! i can't believe the amazing response i've had about my giveaway so far:)
it's so amazing. i'm excited to have so many new followers, and i look forward to checking out everyone's blogs! i apologize for being such a crumby blogger later, my life has been so hectic with the new job/new place etc!

still another 6 days until the giveaway closes,
i had so much fun reading everyones responses to the questions i asked! SO cute

i work tomorrow & then i have 2 days off! hooray.
tomorrow night i am having a girls night with my boys! hehehe,
peter, fab & jordan are coming over for wine & pizza,
and of course gossip & giggles! so stoked.

i'm looking forward to relaxing, spending time with my besties,
hopefully seeing my boy & maybe catching a movie.
i really want to see dispicable me & inception...
has anyone seen either?

&&& i plan on posting lots of apartment photo's once i am 100% settled in,
but for now here is one photo! of my kitchen, i love ittttt!!!;;;;


  1. WHAT AN AMAZING KITCHEN!!! It's sooo cute! Can't wait to see more pics! :)

  2. despicable me is amazingly funny. go see it!
    Also, I heard inception was good from a friend.
    BTW CUUUUUUUTE kitchen. Love the towel. =)
    My fridge has tons of cards on it currently + lists. =)

  3. Ok that is one ADORABLE kitchen!!!!!! I'm glad to see how you made a small space look so cute...gives me hope that my closet of a kitchen can look just as cute lol

    Also, I haven't seen either one of those movies but I have been told by EVERYONE who has seen Inception that is in INCREDIBLE.

  4. cute! cute! cute! that's a nice sized kitchen! can't wait to see the rest...more photos! more photos! OR...do a video tour, fun!!

    mikey & i had date night last night and saw inception. it was a little too confusing for me...i mean, there are movies that make you think and leave you wondering and then there are movies that are so complex they are simple and they leave you frustrated...that's how i felt about inception. also, it was too long...much too long!

  5. Cuteee kitchen!

    I LOVE despicable me. We've seen it twice and it's so adorable. We can't wait to see Inception though, I've heard its awesome.

  6. your kitchen is adorable! but i think you need some magnets for that fridge of yours. ;)

  7. I love your kitchen! I can't wait to see the rest! :) Go see Inception! I saw it earlier this week and it was good. Weird, but good!

  8. Oh so cute! I love your kitchen!!
    Especially love all of the magnets on your fridge! <3


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)