July 30, 2010


happy friday!
it's weird, because now friday's aren't friday's for me.
i work on saturday at 9am (ugh..) so i never do much on friday nights,
but tonight i plan on getting organized a bit, cleaning & blogging and watching a good movie!

tomorrow after work i am heading up to the cabin with pete,
i am so exciteddd. this will be my first cottagey weekend of the summer,
i've been so busy and it's going by so fast!

yesterday was so perfect out.
it felt like fall, and i got soooo excited:)
i have a couple really fun posts planned for the near future,
can't wait to share them!

i hope you guys have a wonderful weekend<3

daily outfit;;
shirt - urban outfitters
belt - pete's moms from the 60's
purse - h&m
shorts - h&m


  1. lose the outfit lil miss! yeppie for cabin time! (and i am dying for it to be fall... i miss all the beautiful colors!)

  2. You're cute! Love the outfit! I wish we had a H&M near by! The purse is my favorite ps!

  3. You look adorable! Love the color of your top & that purse is soo cute!
    I am really ready for fall too!
    But august is a good month too! My b-day, my son's b-day...& yours!! :)
    Have fun at the cabin!
    & thanks again, i'm still so excited :)
    xo, Jamie

  4. Oh my, how cute are you??!
    Lil Ms. Stylish.

    LOVE that outfit!

    Um, you are my girl crush too! yay! :]

  5. p.s. We loved Grown Ups. It was pretty cheesy, as you would expect, but it was funny. Adam Sandler is as awesome as ever, and Kevin James is my favorite. He cracks me up.

  6. Have fun at the cabin! It's always easier to relax away from home!

  7. The colour of that shirt is so pretty! Have a great time up north!

  8. skinny minny! that colour looks fantastic on people who have great tans like you do!! i hope you have a great weekend at the cabin, it'll be nice for you to relax since you work so much!!

  9. Oh em gee.... need.that.top. :D


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)