July 29, 2010

giveaway winner!!!

hi guys!

first off ;;
thank you SOOO much to everyone who entered my giveaway :)
i can't believe how many people entered...
to be honest - i LOVE doing giveaway's!
so i plan on doing another one soon, so stay tuned..
also, i loved reading everyone's responses to my questions - SO cute!!!

the winner is....
with love, jamie!!!

(everyone had a little heart on the end of their name, just so you know)
thanks again guys!

jamie, my darling ;;
you can email me your address:)

now that i am done this, & settled into my place - i promise to be a good blogger again!
& check out all my new blog friends, which i am very excited about!

i will do another update tomorrow
friggin love you guys!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)