July 7, 2010

hi bb's!
i'm aliveeee.
sorry i haven't updated in a few days,
my life has been hectic.
i started at the salon on monday & it's going great so far
(i never heard back from the other place...yet)
i get my place next thursday && i am so exciteddd.

today i am off so i am going to
*go to home sense
*go to the gym!
*catch up on my journal pages
*go swimming in my pool
*go to look at a tv that my mom said she's going to buy me!
*take gram & gramp out

and if i have time, i will breathe!
i'm at 193 followers!
whoaaaa, amazing.
7 more until my giveaway!!!♥

hope everyone is doing good,
i am going to catch up on some blogs later. xo

oooh, & here are my new bangs.
my hair is so long, & huge & light. ;;

this are the cutest little cuppycakes in the world, i wish i could make some so good.


  1. I so love your hair!!!! Beautiful! <333

  2. I'm glad the job is going good and your hair looks lovely!!!

  3. you are so gorgeous. my goodness.

    i am glad you are busy. busy means good things! i can't wait to see your new place and congrats on the salon job!! now you're going to have awesome hair all the time...wait, you already do!! :) love you julie. i reallllly hope we can hang soon! i will be able to come and visit you at your new place absolutely whenever!!

  4. You are so cute!!!! Love the bangs too! xo

  5. oh my goodness! those are the cutest cupcakes ever! i wish girls were allowed "bride's cakes" in weddings. i would totally get those.

    ps. your hair looks so good! you definitely rock the bangs!

  6. love love love your hair!! cute lady! and those cupcakes are adorable. and now im hungry.

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous!! :) :)
    Amazing bangs x


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