July 12, 2010

on the move

i loved strawberry shortcake as a kid (still do!)

i have had a crazy couple of weeks...
i had sunday & today off though which was nice.
yesterday was such an amazing day

* made a big bacon and eggs breakfast for pete, carly, derek & chris
* went to the flea market!
* spent a few hours by the pool & swimming!
* made snacks and such and watched the world cup
* relaxed in the backyard, listening to jack johnson
* snuggled and watched entourage with my boyyy.

ooh, and something scary -
last night i had a nightmare, and i screamed and scared pete to death,
i was crying too which is so scary and weird, i don't remember what it was though.
but luckily i had my bubby there to take care of me:)

today i ran some errands and packed all day,
still have quite a bit more to do, but i need more boxes!
things are definitely coming together though!

only 3 more sleeps until i move to toronto! eeeee!

anyone watching the bachelorette?
i am so in love with chris.L!!!!

working 11-7 tomorrow ,
gonna try to get some of my journal entries done on my lunch!
i am excited to do this but i have been way too busy!



  1. I love strawberry shortcake!!!

  2. I did a "Flashback Friday" post not too long ago showing all my Strawberry Shortcake dolls and the trolley that I still have. I had a bedroom set too, now that I think of it!
    I just commented to somebody else about how much I like Chris! I'm a total Bachelor/ette-aholic. Of course, Roberto is my close second. :)
    Happy day to you!

  3. I love Chris too! But he makes me nervous a bit when he kisses her..its so eager...but i think thats why i like him cause he's so real :)

    i didnt watch this monday's though...i cant wait to see it on Demand

    ps. cant believe youre moving! i love it!

  4. Yeehaw, I'm either follower 199 or 200!

  5. Oh my God!! i think i'm your 200 follower!
    don't i get like a free cupcake or something?? :D
    loved your blog, you're great!

  6. Oh! You're going to Toronto? I'm going to Ottawa by the end of this summer! Coincidence? I think not! :)

  7. i loved strawberry shortcake too! so cute!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)