July 25, 2010

sunny sunday.

oh, hi! ♥
how was everyone's weekend?
amazing i hope.

last night i got to spend time with my besties
&& also went to see an incredible band (&my friends)
CRUSH LUTHER! who i hadn't seen in so so so long,
it made me so happy!

today is my day off and i feel so refreshed already!
i slept in,
puttered around,
went to the most beautiful park near my house & read,
& did some unpacking.
now i am relaxing in starbucks, with a skinny vanilla iced latte!
tonight i am going to my friends & then we are going to see our friend do standup! oooh, how i love toronto and how there is something to do every single night.

so, my birthday is soon.
24 days to be exact..
i still have a couple more things to accomplish before i turn 26.
(which by the way, is SCARY!ahhh...26!)
i know i probably won't get to do everything.
but i would like to cross off atleast a few more!

well, life is good.
no...life is GREAT!
i miss my boy.
but i'm just so happy with everything right now.
lots to look forward to!

oooh & since it's sunday... you know what that means!
inspirational quote sunday:)
"it's a dream until you write it down,
then it's a goal"

i love that one soooo much!
(i write everything down)

happy sunday my loves


  1. hi pretty girl! i'm glad you are enjoying your day off and of course you already know how jealous i was that you got to see CL last night...it has been too long since i have seen them as well! also...since i have so much time off, i think i should come to toronto before your birthday and help you cross off a few things from your list such as:
    - go to cupcake shop in toronto
    - have a tea party
    - fly a kite
    - play catch
    - get another tattoo
    - sing at a karaoke bar
    ...& yes, in that order! sound like a date?? let me know when you are free & i will be there, with bells on!
    love you xo

  2. I saw your button on another blog and I couldn't resist - and I'm so glad I stopped by because what a cute blog! Glad you're having a wonderful day!

  3. Wow! What a lovely weekend! Sounds so relaxing and fun. Time with friends is great! I laughed when I read that you're freaked out about turning 26. I felt that way about turning 28 this year. I'm officially in my late, late 20s!! EEKS!! Oh well. I'm having fun! ;)

    I love, love, love this quote!

  4. can we see your list of things to do before your bday? :)

  5. Sounds like a very lovely Sunday!!

  6. :) Sounds like everything is going so well! Good luck with finishing everything on your list! It looks like you're well on your way to finishing 'em all. Next time I'm in Toronto I'll do number 2 & 3 with ya! And 5.

    I love the photo of the kiwis! So cute.

  7. Hello! My weekend was fine! I sew a bit, went to my boyriend...Yes you do have alot to do, but 26 is not alot...when you will be 29 then be scared!
    Cuz when you will be 30...that is quite a number. But all depends on how you feel!
    Enjoy your days!


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