August 23, 2010

4 simple goalssss.

it's a rainy/gloomy monday,
but i kinda love it.
i am sitting in the timothy's across the street from my apartment,
with a nice hot tea..catching up on a bunch of things.
& i wanted to post my 4 simple goals,
that elsie posted a little while ago;;

1] maintain a healthier lifestyle -

i've been walking a lot since being downtown. but i haven't been going the gym because i can't afford a membership right now (they are so expensive downtown!) when you live alone, sometimes it can be cheaper and easier to grab something to eat rather than make it. i try my best to make it a healthy choice but that doesn't always happen and i can save sooo much money if i just make something on my own! so i am going to make a serious effort on this one!

2] really organize my place! -

i am getting so settled in to my place. but there is still work to be done! i still have a lot of things i want to organize, the main thing is there's not much storage but i have done a good job so far at getting creative and keeping things pretty organized - however, there are still things i keep pushing aside but i really want to get them done! so i am going to use my free time wisely after work and such and try to get everything perrrrfect in my place!:)

3] take more time to read/relax & go outside -

i know that seems like more than one. and it kinda is, but they all fall under the same category, which is having more time for me! i am always so busy and it feels so nice to just relax with a tea and a good book, you know? and going for a walk outside, or sitting in a park with a book or my notebook, or ipod. fall is my favourite time ever, and i really want to get outside more and enjoy all the beautiful parts of this city (there are so many!!!)

4] take more time to get crafty and creative! -

i love getting crafty and creative, but lately i find i haven't had the time for it. i see so many creative and amazing things on all your blogs, and i think - i really need to get back into that! and instead of constantly saying i am going to - i am actually going to do it! i enjoy it so much, and especially love making things for people as gifts etc. i am going to start an idea book of crafts and projects i want to do, and then make them happen! yesss, i sure am:)

ooh, that felt nice to write out!

back to work (well, not actual work..)

but back to getting things done.

i am just uploading some photo's now,

& i will post some recent ones soon!



  1. instead of joining the gym (memberships are so expensive!!) buy a set of weights and a mat (unless you have carpet) and get that 30 day shred dvd, honestly it is so good! and it is better than a workout at the your own living room!!

  2. i have a mat and weights! and yessss, i want to get that dvd! i swear everyone is talking about it! haha :)

  3. good goals. i feel you on #1. i am so tired by the time i get home, since i work 10-hour days, that i just want to go get food instead of making it. gah! and i just need motivation to work out. oh, and good luck organizing. that can kind of go hand in hand with your crafty goal, like making boxes pretty and stuff to store your things. good luck my dear!

  4. I love all of your goals! Especially the me time. It seems so hard to set aside that time just for yourself. Happy Monday! :)

  5. i do yoga! there are tons of amazing sites on youtube that will help you get in shape and become better in tune with what your body needs!

  6. Great goals!!
    I would love to see more photos of your apartment! I'm sure it's adorable!!
    And photos of around where you sounds pretty awesome!

  7. P.S. I blogged a thank you to you...I got your package!!
    Don't know if you saw it :)


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