August 7, 2010

birthday wish list!

my birthday is SO soon!
9 days to be exact.
i'm excited for my birthday...
the saturday before we're going out to the bar, for shake a tail (1950's/60's music!)
we're goin' to dance the night away...
the next day will be family celebrations,
& then monday! my actual birthday - getting a tattoo, going to a cupcake shoppe, dinner & such

here's a little birthday wish list :) ;;

hello kitty blackberry case;;

a cute chalk board;;

valentine's day on DVD;;

a new pair of toms, omg cuuuute ;;

instax mini, LOVE ;;

a cute bundle buggy for groceries ;;

season 5 of friends!;;


  1. So soon! I love birthdays! Everything on your wish list is adorable!
    Can't wait to see your tattoo!

  2. I love the chalk board!!
    & the shoes...I want some too!

  3. I sent you your birthday card already because I got paranoid it wouldn't arrive in time. I'm a dork. It reminded me of you, for obvious reasons.

  4. ooh sounds fun!! i love friends, we have all the seasons. i hope you get it!! xoxo

  5. I <3 the chalkboard....and the shoes (I want some too and I will have them soon with any luck) ....and that camera! Amazing list. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  6. yay, shake a tail! that's right down the street from me! it's always so much fun :) such a good way to celebrate your birthday!!

  7. Hope you have an amaaaaaaaaaazing birthday!! Awesome wish list. Hope you get it all! :)


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