August 18, 2010


hi guys!
geesh, i feel like i haven't really blogged in a while..
but i had a crazy few weeks/month but now i plan on updating a lot more! thanks so much for all the birthday wishes!!!
i had an amazing birthday weekend.
i am SOOOO lucky to have so many amazing people in my life,
i cannot explain how much i love them all!
i also promise to comment and read your blogs more,
i will have time now! yay:) i can't wait to catch up.

today is exciting because it's one month 'till my best friends wedding! eeee! & i am the M.O.H! i could not be more excited
i need to figure out how i am going to do my hair and makeup!
i am also so excited because my bff is coming downtown tomorrow night to get fab to do a trial for her hair and the sleeping over! yesssssss:)

there's so many movies i want to see,
i just went to see scott pilgrim vs. the world
and i LOVEDDDDD it! SO cute, and funny!
it was filmed in toronto too, & they talk about so many canadian things in it, and toronto land marks! so cool!
anyway, i am alive & well
(better than ever!)
lots of updates soon


  1. i haven't seen the trailer for it but i obviously want to see it!!

  2. i heart scott pilgrim. its a problem how much i do! such is life! happy to see you are bloging again.

  3. Love the photo about how you loved cupcakes before they were cool!!! Glad you are well and sending you a hug! xo

  4. LOVE that photo!!! I def loved them many years before they were cool. Have a great Thursday! <333

  5. Glad to know you like that movie. I've been wanting to see it too.
    Love that cupcake pic!

  6. Welcome back, I guess! :) Haha. Haha I like the print, I love the patterns on the cupcake. That's exciting about the wedding! I love weddings. :) Have a great time with your friend!


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