September 23, 2010

hi my cutie pies!
how is everyone? good i hope.
i kind of had a crumby day.. i wasn't feeling well so tonight i decided to just take it easy..
& to cheer me up i could only think of one thing that was sure to do the trick!
watching a christmas movie!
so i am watching one of my favourites!
i swear i will never get sick of this movie.
cutest ever:)
also here are a few more photo's of my new hair!
i am looking forward to going back to dark DARK in the next month or two..i am LOVING it, but it's also a lot of work to maintain...
here is my new colour
(it's faded a bit since last weekend though!)


  1. I Love Elf! Best movie for cheering up! Sorry you've had a crumby day :( Hope you feel better tomorrow. By the way your hair looks great! :)
    x Beth

  2. watching Elf always makes me laugh... Will Ferrell is so FUNNY.

  3. ha! best movie! for a while we took to answering our phones by saying "(your name here) the elf, whats your favorite color?" was fantastic everytime...but especially when it was a telemarketer or a wrong number!

  4. AH! I LOVE ELF!!!! Your hair looks beautiful! <333

  5. I love the color of your hair! :)

    PS Elf is soooo funny!<3


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