September 7, 2010

i can never think of a title.

oh, hi :)
it's tuesday (aka my monday, ugh)
it was a pretty good, but long day at work.
when i got home i made taco's for me & fab. love!
after that, fab tried some different up do's on me, gearin up for my bff's wedding
which is in 11 days!
oh my gosh, i am way too excited!!!
i need to post photo's from the bachelorette weekend soon!
after playin' around with my hair fab curled it for me,
he spoils me and it's amazing ;;
(my hair is like...blonde now!)

and here are some more photo's from my september photo challenge

september 5th;
pete and i walked around the city, and went to the antique market at st.lawrence market. i got some amazing buttons! eeee!
as soon as i saw this sight, i took a photo. i love toronto so much!
i'm actually planning on doing a series of toronto posts soon.
here's some toronto lovin' from my date with my boy.

september 6th;
i got cable! i never usually even watch tv, but now that i have my own place it is nice to have the option. the first show i watched since getting cable was full house and that made me so happy. i made some tea, ate some popcorn, and finished my mini wedding scrapbook for one of my besties. so glad it's complete:)

september 7th;
this photo was taken from this morning at starbucks across the street from me. i really like going there (and to other coffee shops) and bringing my laptop, some notebooks, my agenda etc and getting things done.
for some reason i always get more accomplished.
this morning, i worked on my maid of honour speech some more, updated my to-do lists and planner - and it was just lovely. a nice and relaxing way to start the day before work!



  1. i love getting all organized like that. especially if there are delicious bevarages involved :] haha. your hair looks adorable. i want my own stylist!! ♥

  2. Gosh you hair is gorgeous! So pretty!
    Mine just won't stay curled like that.
    I love all of your pretty little notebooks!

  3. Your hair is amazingly cute! And your gonna make an amazing made of honor!

  4. Wow! Your hair is gorgeous!! Love it!! Such cute pictures! I love the cute Hello Kitty notebook! Now I'm really craving Starbucks!

  5. your blog is so darling, I love how you have captured your days and those curls in your hair are seriously fabulous! x

  6. Julieee, I bought the exact same stickers from the Ex! hahaha they are amazing aren't they?!

  7. Great photos! You're so pretty. :) Ooh I'd love a series of Toronto posts! I usually go to the same places every time I come to Toronto, so I would love to find out about some new places to check out!


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