September 13, 2010

just a quick post before i head out to pickering for a busy day...
yesterday while pete and i were sitting outside "wanda's pie in the sky" in kensington,
this sexy man walked by!!!
channing tatum.
he's filming a movie in toronto apparently, with my girl rachel mcadams.
anyway, a definite highlight in the day to say the least! hehehe:)

now i have to go to pickering,
to do laundry,
go to bulk barn for wedding cupcake supplies,
get a few things for the wedding,
pick up my bridesmaid dress (fingers crossed!)
have dinner at home ♥


  1. *drool* I love Channing Tatum! Lucky girl!

  2. OH MY! I probably would have chased after him! No lie! Delicious. I love Rachel McAdams...hmm I wonder what movie they are doing together.

    Happy Monday <333

  3. He is yummy! Have a great busy day!

  4. why didn't you stop him and ask him for a photo? silly girl. even though pete was there, i probably would have turned into a teenage girl haha.

    pickering, i miss it! you go home to do laundry too eh? i think i'm going to have to suck it up and do laundry here in town as i'm not going home until the last weekend in september, so two weeks!

  5. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I recently found your blog (I clicked the link because of that awesome hot pink lippie you're wearing, what shade is that?!?) and I love love love it. It makes me happy so I intend to spend every spare minute I have over the next couple of days combing through your archives... I hope that doesn't make me seem too creepy! I just need a good dose of sunshine right now and it seems like your blog might do the trick.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)