September 1, 2010

september lovin'

oh hi, september :)
so today is the first day of my september photo challege,
i am going to call it ;
LIFE IS GOOD photo challenge
(finding something beautiful, amazing, happy, positive in every day)

so today's photo is already my favourite, i swear!
these hearts were painted on the sidewalk just outside my place,
right outside this little italian restaurant...
i love the guys that work there,
they make my day every day!
every time i pass by they say "bella bella!" or something cute and italian. so amazing.
anyway i walked passed this and smiled,
and thought what a perfect start to september/this challenge!


  1. its great how little things like that can make your day :)
    such a lovely photo! x

  2. aww cute hearts! i haven't checked if pumpkin spice are back...i'm scared also! i love them too much. i'm going to try my hand at another homemade one today and if it turns out i'll share.

  3. Aww...Life IS good! And this would sooo make my day too!

  4. Aww, that is sooo cute! :) I love it! Thank you so much for the follow :D

  5. aw. i love that. what nice italian boys. this photo is absolutely adorable! i want to take part in this challenge but i just know i'd fall behind, what with school and my new job starting. maybe in october! it's a wonderful idea though and i'm excited to see your photos.

  6. ps: you have SO many followers... :D exciting!!

  7. What a lovely idea!! And such a cute picture!!


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