September 12, 2010

sunday has always been one of my favourite days,
in fact, i'd say it IS my favourite!
when i was growing up, sunday was the day i played ringette,
the day we'd have a nice sit down family dinner,
the day my dad would watch football all day and i would pretend to like it,
and just a relaxing day.
even though you know you have work the next day (for some of us)
it's still such a enjoyable day.
i especially love sunday's in the fall!
and thanksgiving sunday!

in the last few months, sunday & monday's have been my days off,
and although it takes some getting used to, i am starting to embrace it.
today will be perfect.

pete made me tea when we woke up,
then i made him breakfast!
now we're getting ready to go to queen west & kensington market
and tonight we will watch the VMA'S! (geeks!)

what do you love about sunday?

in other news,
sorry i have been so sucky at blogging lately.
life has been so busy!
but it's all because of something AMAZING,
my best friend's wedding!
and it's in less than a week !!!!!!!!!!
i am so excited to be her maid of honou♥
more about the wedding & such later.

also - i know i am sucking at my photo challenge,
but it's because i still haven't really fixed my camera connection.
i will try to post them later tonight.
also, i think today i will start my first toronto feature - with kensington market!

happy sunday my little cupcakes!


  1. Sundays are wonderful! We just got a puppy and it is so fun to just sit and relax and play with her! Hope your Sunday is wonderful as well!
    - amylou

  2. I love Sundays too!! They are perfect for laziness! Hope your weekend was filled with happiness!!

  3. LOVE your new background! HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!


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