October 8, 2010

friday!, i'm almost there...
it's friday, which means one more day of work 'till the weekend
(& i really really need the weekend NOW)

last night was awesome times...
the leafs won which is HUGE & we had so much fun:)

tonight i will watch a movie & cuddle with my boy!
tomorrow i work & then i am heading home to pickering.
saturday night will involve me watching the leaf game
& watching jane lynch host SNL (YEYEYE!)

sunday i am going to do some shopping & run some errands,
make a delicious dessert (not cupcakes,omg i know!)
we're having thanksgiving at my house which makes me so happy...
can't wait to spend time with my family ♥
i love thanksgiving!
one more step closer to christmas too!
sunday night i am heading to pete's to see his fam & then monday we are having dinner at his dad's. so much turkey, treats, drinks, laugh & fun.
can't waiiiiiit for this weekend.

i will post some more photo's & such after the weekend.
to all my fellow canadians - happy thanksgiving♥
enjoy your time with those you love most.

i'm so excited that it's toque&scarf weather..
especially because it's cupcake scarf weather!!! ;;

october LIFE IS GOOD photo challenge

oct 6th;
my bff bought me this frame & i think it's beautiful. this is a photo of me & my daddy.
it's one of my favourite pictures of all time
oct 7th;
a new picture frame i got from umbra & a cute little chalk board i got from the ex!


  1. Cute frame and picture!!

  2. Aww, I love your little frames :) And you look adorable!!

  3. I'm not American, but Happy Thanksgiving! x

  4. I love your scarf, and I can't wait for it to get cooler here!

    Your daddy frame/picture is precious. So sweet.

  5. I love those frames! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)