November 23, 2010


i am starting to feel quite festive...
& to be honest - i feel like christmas starts earlier and earlier every year,
but even me little miss christmas, finds it hard to get decorating and everything at the start of novemeber..
so now that the santa claus parade took place & we're closer to the end of november, i am feeling ready! i got my christmas stuff from home & started decorating - my place looks really cute! & i have lots of christmas decorations, but one very important thing is missing... a tree!
tomorrow night pete & i are going to go to get an artificial one (cringe) it's only okay because i will still have a big, beautiful REAL tree at my home in pickering:)

i had an amazing weekend but a crumby monday.
i have just been feeling sort of down lately and discouraged.
i know it's just a phase & i will snap out of it, but i hate hate hate feeling that way. today was better & i know the rest of the week will be better too!

but guess what suckkkks!?
i can't put pictures on my computer again.
ugh, fml.
i was going to post some photo's from the weekend & of my new hair,
but it's not working again and i want to cry.
i need to get it fixed before NEW YORK!
which is in 10 days by the way!!!

i got some possibly good news today,
i hate when i can't post some things on my blog though,
there are certain things i try not to write about..
but i hoping everything goes well, fingers crossed.

sorry this wasn't a very exciting post,
i will try to think of something spicy for this week.
i really have been lacking lately though.

i started getting some stuff for my
christmas giveaway!
it's going to be epic, obvs.


  1. i hate that too! I hope you have a super awesome day tomorrow!

  2. Aw, I hope things are better for you today!! Love you!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)