November 23, 2010

day 1.

okay, i decided i am going to do a 30 day photo challenge on my blog!!:)
here is day 1!
post a photo & 15 random facts about yourself ♥

1) one of my nicknames is actually 'cupcake'
2) i was the first girl born into my family in over 100 years.
3) i make & update a to-do list every day.
4) i was on the improv team in highschool.
5) i love anything & everything sparkly.
6) i want to write a book.
7) i smile after i brush my teeth, just to see how they look.
8) every day at work i write an inspirational quote for everyone to read.
9) if i could live in any city in the USA, it would be seattle.
10) i LOVE the colour red, especially on my lips!
11) i own over 120 dresses
12) i went to 7 proms.
13) i used to work at a pirate themed resort in florida.
14) my big brothers are the best in the world.
15) i used to be obsessed with hanson ( i still love them, shhh )


  1. hanson's christmas album is soooo good <3 haha

  2. geeze you are gorgeous! and I love learning all of these cute random things about you.
    and lastly, mmmmmm bop :)

  3. I do number 8 as well!! Oh and that photo of you is adorable! xo

  4. oh man, i was obsessed with hanson too! i love listening to their christmas album for nostalgic purposes (and because i secretly still like it).

  5. omg angie, i know! i die for it. best ever!

    janel, you are the sweetest/cutest gal ever! mmbop indeed<3

    aw thanks caroline, and awwww that's a cool thing in common we share!

    hahaha kari, i's honestly SOOOO good! i may or may not be listening to it right now...

  6. I'm so jealous of your dress collection!! :)
    And that's an amazing fact about being the only girl born in 100 years. Love it

  7. Whoa! Number 2 is crazy! I smile after I brush my teeth too, haha. You should start writing those quotes that you write at work in your blog! I'd love to read them! :)

    Beautiful photo!


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