November 26, 2010

happy friday lovelies!♥
so close to the weekennnnnd:)

last night pete & i watched love actually
best movie ever!

today it's snowing just the slightest bit..
& it makes me VERY excited.

today = one week 'till new york! omg!
& now it's less than one month 'till christmasssss

tonight after work i am going to my friend alan's for "homo alone night"
we're going to watch home alone 2, lost in new york (they are all going to NY after christmas..) & we're also having a dip party - i am bringing guacamole!

anyway, have a good day everyone!
here is my new dark hair;;


  1. I love your new color! Thinking about doing the same and same hair cut.

  2. Three things.
    1. The hair is looking fabulous. It is incapable of ever looking anything less than perfect, and for that I am envious of you.
    2. NYC... soooo jealous! (A theme here?)
    3. DIP PARTYYY. That sounds like my dream. Dips are basically my favourite thing ever. Especially homemade guac... my man makes the best I've ever tasted. Mmmm I want some now.

    Have fun tonight pretty! <3

  3. Hair looks great! and how exiting for NYC! This post made me want guacamole. Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  4. Your hair looks amazing! The dark hair really suits you and the bangs look fantastic!

    Also, Home Alone 2 is pretty much my FAVOURITE Christmas movie ever... I always save that one for last! KEVIN!

  5. Love the bangs and the color, plus amazing tattoo!

  6. yay! twinsies...except yours is longer...womp womp :( hehe. mine will be that length too one day! you're gorgeous jujubes. i love you!!

  7. ok. a) you are ADORABLE, and b) love that movie!! ♥

  8. You're a babe!! Hahaha I love homo alone night. And the fact that it's a dip party makes it so much better! I loooove dip. So excited for you two to go to NYC! You're going to have a blast.


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