December 17, 2010

christmas and marky mark.

did i mention i met mark wahlberg?
well, i did...
last weekend at my work christmas party, we had dinner/drinks/dancing at some swanky bar in toronto, turns out - marky mark was in town! and making an appearance there.
none of us had any idea but were stoked once we found out!
he let everyone take pics and was super nice:)
first the cast of snl, now mark wahlberg...who will be next?!

girls, i have been SO busy that my head might pop off!
here is my schedule for the next week until christmas
( i am already getting sad because it's going to be over soon )

♥ tonight after work ; christmas baking, getting ready for tomorrow night
hearts; tomorrow ; work & then christmas party (!!!) :)
♥ sunday ; pond hockey, fam christmas get together in pickering
♥ monday; work, then oakville for christmas with pete's mom
♥ tuesday; work & then christmas with my gays! yeyeye:)
♥ wednesday; home to pickering for visits & last minute shopping
♥ thursday ; B A K I N G & wrapping gifts
♥ friday ; christmas eve! work & then home for the holidayyyyys!
♥ boxing day! pete's dad's for christmas
♥ 27th ; pizza hut challenge, pete's friends for a party
january will be a month to RELAX for sure!!

tonight, i will be posting my giveaway!
(sorry it's so late!)


  1. YAY! So fun that you got to meet him and that he was nice!

  2. OMG!!!!! I love Mark Wahlberg!!! You lucky gal!!! I love him even more that he was so nice about letting people take pics with him! <333

  3. haha Amazing!!!!

    Dude, you are so cute I can barely stand it.

    Yay for Christmas!!! I hope yours is wonderfulllllll.

  4. that's pretty cool! i've never met anyone famous.

  5. New reader. :)

    So lucky that you met him! He's a dreamboat!

  6. That's so cool! And you got a cute photo out of it too. I'd be poppin' that up on my Facebook profile ASAP. lol

  7. Hot stuff! Someone that works at the Elizabeth Milan Spa once told me that he enjoys getting facials when he comes here too, he's just full of swank.


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