December 13, 2010

real or fake?

i have a christmas(y) question...
is your christmas tree real or artificial?
and why!?

a christmas tree tells such a story.
our family has always got a real christmas tree!
i love the smell, the way it looks once you get it full of ornaments..just everything about it!
since i've always had a real tree, it just feels right to get one.
i know that i will carry on the tradition some day.
but for now i can only fit a little fakey in my apartment!
(pictures coming soon!!!)

(our tree from last year)


  1. When I was a kid we lived in the country next to a forest so we always had a real tree, but since we grew up and my parents moved they have a fake tree, for ease I think. I like real ones, but they are messy, especially when you have a cat who insists on climbing it! haha.

  2. i love the kitschy 50s ones that are silver, white, or (like my reproduction one) pink! so its gotta be fake for me :)

  3. We have a fake one because we live in an apt and don't have a large enough car/enough money to get a real one every year! I love real trees, though, and grew up always getting real ones!

  4. real!

    we had a fake tree when i was a kiddo, and i always dreamed of having a real tree when i grew up.

    the smell is amaaaaazing.

  5. My parents always got a real tree until we got dogs, because they always knocked the needles out. My mum decided it was just too much hassle. I live with my boyfriend now and we have a fake one, but I don't feel as Christmassy without the smell of a real tree. x

  6. This is my first year with a fakey. We moved to a new country and have an apartment. I am missing the smell so much but still thankful to have one.

  7. I have a fakey!!! (Because we have dogs)


  8. I have a fake.. always wanted a real, don't know why we haven't gotten one yet.. always had a fake growing up.


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