January 20, 2011

friends, i'm alive!
but bad news -
my laptop crashed, and i lost everything, yes...everything!
i have most of my photo's on usb's, and facebook (thank goodness for facebook...) but you know how it is, i just feel lost!
i have had my laptop for almost 7 years and it has had a good run, and i look forward to getting a new one in the next few months, but i am definitely bummed out.
i have had a rough week but i am going to focus on the good, and the good is gonna come!!!

sorry for my lack of updates, i have totally wanted to blog lately but haven't been able to because of my lack of computer:(

so i will do my best to update you when i can! and read your updates too. lots of love to my little bloggers



  1. So sorry to hear that, love! Computer troubles are always so stressful and I've been there so many times! 7yrs is a good run though!
    I hope everything works out, pretty! Stay positive.

  2. :( oh so upsetting to lose your computer.
    i think its about to turn to good things for you...started with a leaf win last night!

  3. Hmm...well maybe it's good news in disguise; an excuseto get a NEW ONE! YAY!

  4. my laptop died too! but luckily my dad's computer friend was able to recover everything! =) sorry about yours!

  5. Ahhhhhhh, what a bummer Jules!!! I hope you have an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL week to make up for it!!


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