January 26, 2011

so many smiles:)

hello loves!
i am excited to say that this is my first blog post from my brand new mac book!!!
i am absolutely positively loving my new mac, my old one crashed and was almost 7 years old, and i can't believe how amazing this new one is.
right now i am snuggled up on my couch, with my blankie, vanilla candle, watching american idol - it's been a nice and relaxing evening so far, which was much needed.
i'm finally going to get back on track in the blog world, so i will be checking all yours out, i promise my loves. ♥

ps ; i am worried about how much fun i will have with this photobooth!


  1. You look stunning! Yay for photobooth!

  2. um yeah...photobooth is dangerously fun!! enjoy :)
    ps. you're cute.

  3. you are so cute! makes me wish I had a mac!

  4. ooooh! enjoy the mac!
    i love mine, it's been over 2 years <3
    my fave thing - command + shift + 4, then click and drag and it saves a screenshot to your desktop.
    have fun!!

  5. AWESOMEEEEEEEEE! Haha. I miss my macbook!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)