February 19, 2011


i forgot to post one of my favourite photo's from cuba!

love,love,love ♥

i am SO happy it's the weekend.
i'm so ready for it!

tonight i am snuggled up watching the leaf game, and i also rented the movie "the switch" so i will watch that later.
tomorrow i am going to
- sleep in
- clean my apartment
- wrap pete's gift
- do some crafts
- go to the mall
- unpack (eee...i know)
- drink tea, and read blogs.

also, i am excited because in march i am going to start doing monthly goals. i always write out goals, and to do lists pretty much daily but i've never posted them on here and done it by month. i feel like it will help me cross things off my lists!
& i want to get back into my blog features
tuesday, a photo that makes me smile
hot as fuck friday
& inspirational quote sunday
so i am going to try & get back into that.

i hope you guys all have a great weekend!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)