February 21, 2011

family day.

today is family day!
family day is a new holiday in canada, and i love the idea of it. the only thing that is kinda a bummer is that i never got to see my family today. but thankfully i saw them last weekend, and our family gets together for every birthday, holiday, etc! which i absolutely love about us. i am so thankful for so many amazing people in my life. over the years of dealing with the loss of my dad, i couldn't of been more thankful for all of these incredible people in my life. i hate to boast, but i have such a close tight knit relationship with my family and that is something that i will never ever take advantage of. so today i have decided to dedicate a post to the sweetest fam in the world:)

mom ♥
my mom is so incredibly beautiful, inside and out. i have posted about her on here before, but the truth is - there are never too many amazing things to say about her. i always say that if i can ever be half the mother to a child that she has been to me, i will be more than happy! it just amazes me how much she does for me, and my brothers and everyone in her life. she is selfless, and incredible, and a role model to me. and even though she worries (wayyyyyy too much, always) i know she does it because she loves me so much. i am so thankful for the amazing relationship that i have with my mom, and have always had. i love spending time with my mom and just laughing and hanging out...she is a lot of fun to be around, and i know i got a lot of my bubbly personality from the amazing lucy! i love her so much!

my big bro, joe
my brother joey is the coolest! he is such a funny and talented guy and we have always got along so well. i don't mean to brag but i have the best brothers in the world. we have always been so close and got along so well and i am incredibly thankful for that. joe is so talented at what he does, he is and always has been so talented when it comes to sports, it blows my mind! he is so successful at what he does (he is a very talented blogger too!) and it's cool that we can talk about sports together. i know that is one of his favourite things about me too! joe is a great big brother and is always looking out for me. he's a born leader and i have always looked up to him my whole life. joe recently got married to lindsey, who is the coolest girl EVER! he picked the perfect girl for him, and the best big sis for me! :) joe schmo, you're the best! i love you!

grandpa & grandma ♥
look at these two!! my grandparents have been married for 65 years! they are the sweetest, kindest people in the world and i know we are all so thankful that we still have them in our lives. they are my mom's parents and they are just wonderful. since i lost both of my other grandparents, we have been closer than ever over the last few years. since they moved to pickering i spent a lot of time going to visit my grandparents and spending lots of time with them! i go over for lunch dates and they make me the same thing every time (hahah, but i love it!). i also like to surprise visit and take them out to lunch & such. they are both so unique in their own ways and i love each and every little thing about these two. their love inspires me so much it is incredible! love you g & g xo

my big bro, dave!
ba ba sticky! dave is the coolest guy in the world, and he just happens to be my brother! growing up, people used to ask my mom and dad if me and dave were twins! and i honestly feel that our relationship is so close that i can see how people would think that! we are so close, he is like a best friend to me.. he makes me laugh SO much i can't even explain! we share an endless amount of inside jokes, and they just keep on coming over the years! dave is the best memory out of anyone i know, so i always know he will remember some crazy story from our childhood once i randomly text him with it. he is insanely smart, a talented artist, and is so successful in his job! he picks out the best gifts for me, he is fun to be around, he is so important to me, words can't explain my love for him! i am so thankful for our close relationship & i love him lots.

my sis, linds!
lindsey is such an awesome girl! i always thought it would be cool to have a sister, but only if she was how i pictured her to be ; fun, awesome,sweet,caring ; and that is exactly what lindsey is. when my brother introduced us to lindsey, i knew right away that she was such a great girl. it didn't take long for me, and our whole family to warm to lindsey and her kind heart. she is such a fun, energetic, TALENTED new addition to our family and i am so thankful she is in my life. lindsey is a teacher, and i know how much all of her students love her! to be honest....how could they not? linds is so crafty and talented and has made me so many special things over the years. she inspires me to get crafty! i am over the top excited that i finally have a sister and she just happens to be one of the coolest girls ever :) love ya lindy!

uncle al!♥
my uncle al is an extremely awesome, laid back dude! we are missing him so much here, as he lives in thailand (chiang mai) now!!! however, recently pete and i had the absolute pleasure of visiting him in thailand, and spending a week in the town that he now calls home! it was so special to be able to spend a week with him there. uncle al and i email each other regularly and i am beyond excited that he is coming to visit this spring! my uncle al is my dad's brother, another reason why he is incredibly amazing... he is so laid back and care free, and lives a one love, hippy lifestyle that i admire so much! he is wonderful for many reasons, but one thing i love most about him is that he remembers every little holiday or special day and emails us all on every one, whether it's the anniversary of my dad's death or a birthday...he's always there:) we all love & miss you and are counting down the days until we see you again!

aunty jo & uncle johnny!♥
okay..introducing...the world's coolest/most fun couple!!! aunt jo-anne & uncle johnny. i miss these two SOOOOO much! they recently moved out west to BC and we are really missing having their energetic positive attitudes in our lives. my uncle john is my dad's brother as well, so he is clearly the coolest guy ever because it's just in the ross blood! he used to live in our basement when we were kids, and it was the best thing ever! we got to spend so much time with him and he was always so much fun, and still is! he reminds me of my dad so much - they have the same voice, the same smile, the same laugh, and the same positive energy about them that makes them so amazing to be around! and aunty jo...well let's just say how glad we all are that they found each other (again!) they dated when they were young, and then met again after years and years of life and fell in love all over again. she is so great, the most fun ever, a talented artist and a creative, positive beautiful lady! they are such a perfect pair and their love inspires me! i miss and love you both very much!


  1. I LOVE this day!!! We need a family day!!! Your family is adorable!!
    maybe my favorite post <3

  2. Dude, how pretty is your mum? Wow :) What an awesome post, I am insanely jealous of your family <3

  3. This was SUCH a sweet post!!! :) Loved this.

  4. awwww becky! you are right, i think "family day" is a great holiday and should exist everywhere! and thanks so much...this was definitely one of my favourite posts to write!

    shreixfirefly - you're right, she's soooo pretty! thanks for your kind words love:)

    THANKS HOLLY:) it was so fun to write, and so easy to think of so much sweet stuff to say!


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