February 27, 2011


happy sunday!

i am SO excited because tonight the OSCARS are on:)
i LOVEEEE award shows and can't wait to watch them.
i've seen almost all the big nominated films are they were all incredible
i am especially excited to watch it with all my fags! hahaha so much more fun.
i've got my place looking extra cute & filled with delicious snacks for when they are here!
will you be watching?
i can't waiiiit!


  1. I have been counting down the days too :)

    Little disappointed with some of the nominations (the kids are alright) and the lack of some in others (inception).

    Still super excited for the winners. Although I have a dreadful feeling The Kings Speech will walk away with ALOT of awards.

  2. i watched and was disappointed!!
    i thought anne and james would have been better hosts! oh well. its nice to see the stars and their dresses/suits looking all gorgeous.
    hope you had a good night!


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