February 6, 2011

valentine lovin'

love, love, love!
i love this time of year because all the stores are filled with red and pink sparkly things and lots of hearts and everything to do with LOVE ♥
i know so many people hate valentine's day and say it is such a commercial holiday (but really what holiday isn't?) but ... i love it!
how awesome is it to have a day dedicated to LOVE!?
annnnd it's not just about having a boyfriend/husband or significant other...
it's about filling your life with love!!!
i can't wait for valentine's day.
a day that is all about red, pink, love & hearts is okay by me:)


  1. all these pictures are so inspiring!!!!! <3
    I nominated you for a stylish blogger award http://bit.ly/hBlLQW

  2. I like Valentine's Day too. I think it's more cliche to hate it than love it, and you're right... every holiday is super commercialized.


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