March 9, 2011

cry baby!

happy favourite movie wednesday!♥
this week i have chosen such a classic that i totally love!
it's so cute, and hilarious. i saw it sooo many times when i was a kid and am going to try and find it on dvd asap because i haven't seen it in a while:)
also, i love anything that takes place in the 50's ♥
crrrry baby!
in other news,
the weather in toronto is just gross right now. it's miserable and so is everyone! i hate it.
hmphhhh. i am excited that tomorrow is pay day!
time to watch american idol now:)
have a good niiiight


  1. Oh my goodness, i LOVE this movie! So good :)

  2. Crybaby has always been a fav of mine! Love it oh so much!

  3. yesssss, i am glad you gals agree with me!
    such a great one:)


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