March 20, 2011

cupcake shoot

hey lovely ladies!
happy sunday
i had a great time last night but am paying for it today for sure, hahaha
i wanted to share a couple of pictures that i took from my blackberry last week from my cupcake video shoot! i had so much fun. check them out:):):)
hopefully i can share the video with you soon!!


  1. I love your little Kitchen!!! Cupcakes are amazing pretty!!

  2. love it everything looks so cute including you!

  3. So cute!! Your kitchen is amazing!

  4. Adorable! Can't wait to see it!

  5. courtney - aw thanks!!:) sweeeeet:)

    bebe bird - oh stop! i'm blushing hehe

    miss lou - you're too sweet!!

    cheray - thank you, i loveeee it

    amylou- thanks so much..i hope i get to share it!:)

    jenny - me too my loveeee:)

    carrie - thanks carrie. i love every colour! hehe

    jacque - yesss so true! thanks doll


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)