March 30, 2011


random fact :
i miss this hair.
i wish i could just want one hair colour forever!
i always like to change it up...
right now i am in the process of getting it lighter, and brown for summer time :)
do you change your hair often?


  1. guilty! Im actually looking forward on getting it orange this next month.

  2. i love it and yes, i miss my long locks sometimes but i think the plat pixie works for now!

  3. aww those colors look great in your hair! i wish i could change mine..but there's so much of it..and i'd probably get in trouble at work :)

  4. miss lou - do it:) i am sure you will love it!

    summer - the short pixie cut looks soooo cute on you! i wish i could pull that off.

    caroline - thank you so much lady..too sweet :)

    grrfeisty - thanks! i did really like it like that. but it's definitely a big commitment, and i got it for like nothing because i work for a salon so it was worth it.. yours looks so lovely as is :)

  5. Aww that hair looks great on you!
    I feel the same way about missing my hair but about my bangs :(

  6. That looks really good on you. You look like Ariel! Very pretty. :)

  7. I love that color! I've been thinking of going red!

  8. Hahaha girrrrrl I am the queen of changing my hair too often. Red, brown, red, black, red, brown... GUH I frustrate myself. But I gotta keep things interesting!
    I personally LOVE that red in that photo, but I too am opting for a light brown for summer... summer would fry and fade red soooo badly. Not worth it for me right now!


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