March 31, 2011

march goal wrap up

march goals wrap up!
march was the first month i decided to post my "goals" on my blog, and overall i must say...
i think i did a great job! :)
i am proud of myself and am looking forward to some fresh new goals for april ♥

march goals!
♥ make plans with at least one friend i haven't seen in a long time!
♥ make a homemade gift for someone
♥ spend a sunday at kensington market
♥ host people at my place that have never been (on to april!)
♥ go thrifting!
♥ re organize my book shelf
♥ finish my paul mccartney book
♥ surprise a friend with something in the mail
♥ try to plan out (healthier) meals weekly (i did pretty well but not deserving enough to cross out..haha)
♥ go out for st.patrick's day!
♥ go for a long walk every monday of this month
♥ go out to a mexican restaurant for date night
♥ compliment someone every day this month! (i think i do this anyway..)
♥ try to write back to all my comments on my blog! - i can still do better but i'm trying!!! :)
♥ continue with my nightly work out from home. (did it, but not enough!) hmph.

my newly organized book shelf;;
my babe eating delicious mexican food;;
i will post my april goals tomorrow!
how was march for everyone?!
it was a pretty good for me, definitely flew by for me...
spring, come on!!!


  1. I love your book shelf! So colourful!! ^_^

  2. awesome job on the march goals julie!!!


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