March 8, 2011

pancake tuesday:)

happy pancake tuesday!
today is shrove tuesday:) & ever since i was little i have had pancakes on this day!
& pancakes rule because they remind me of my dad & anything that reminds me of him is amazing! (which is a lot of things)
my dad used to always make us pancakes for dinner & make me mini pancakes, that were so cute♥ once i saved one on my dresser for like a week, lol.
tonight after work i am going to make pancakes for fab & jordan and then we're going to watch glee :) :) :)
eat pancakes today & love it!

all images from here


  1. Yummy photos!
    Happy Fat Tuesday!

  2. YUM! I love pancakes for dinner.
    Can't wait to watch Glee!

  3. all i gotta say (type) is the pancake pix make me hungry! :)

  4. Those coloured pancakes are too awesome. Happy pancake day for yesterday!


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