April 25, 2011

26 things.

what a gloomy day.
it's my day off so i got some stuff done.
spring cleaning, going through my closet/dresser, groceries, more cleaning, tea, blogging. (the usual)
i had a wonderful easter with the fam.

this weekend while talking to pete about my blog, and while reading my book the happiness project - i came to the conclusion that i am going to buy a domain name for my blog!:) so that is exciting. anyone have any suggestions as to where to buy it? i checked out godaddy.com and it seemed like a pretty good deal!

today i also (finally) completed my list of 26 things to do before i'm 27 (omfg, 27? grrr)

26 before 27...

1. learn a song on guitar

2. go to centre island

3. bake banana muffins (grama's best ever)

4. watch roller derby or go roller skating

5. do a photoshoot with a photographer friend

6. go to a drag show

7. go strawberry picking

8. go to snakes and lattes

9. go to the drive in

10. make a scrapbook

11. go to the zoo

12. get a massage

13. have a facial

14. buy something from victoria secret

15. spend a rainy day, watching movies in my pj's

16. have a tea party

17 .take a class somewhere

18. get a celebrity to tweet at me

19. drive on the highway

20. find a job that makes me happy

21. make cheesecake

22. spend a day at st.lawrence market

23. go to 3 concerts

24. make a vodka watermelon

25 .explore more of U of T

26. have an paul rude movie marathon

27 go on a trip to chicago :)

turns out that tonight i am going to work on #1 on my list. i finally brought my guitar downtown to my apartment, and tonight pete is going to re-string it and give me my first lesson! :) ♥
i really want to stick with it, learn how to play, and practice on a regular basis! wish me luck.

i hope everyone had a good easter ♥


  1. I love the idea of doing a to do list before your next birthday.

  2. Congrats on completing your list. At least you aren't turning 41 (like someone I know). 27 is so young.

  3. Love this idea! I might have to set myself a little challenge for my next birthday :)

  4. fun list!!!
    27 aint so bad ;)

    how did the first guitar lesson go!??

  5. angie - that would be sooooo awesome!

    diane - it's so fun, i have done it the last few years! do it!:)

    drama queens mum - hehe, aw thanks...41's not so bad!

    abbie - i think you should do it for sure, :)

    allison - thanks love! haha, you're right, it's not! the lesson went pretty well actually!!


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