April 2, 2011


april goals!!! ♥
-successfully complete my 2 week diet/cleanse
-see 3 movies on my "to see" list
-do lots of spring cleaning!
-clean out my closet, dresser, bins under my bed
(possibly sell some clothes online)
- make a solid payment on my visa
- spread more anonymous love throughout toronto
- start planning the toronto blogger meet up!:)
- get a cute little plant for my apartment (& keep it alive!)
- go to david's tea
- go to a jays game!
- host friends that have never been over
-take more time to read & comment on all of your blogs
-re-vamp my resume

welcome april ... hoping for big things!


  1. hey girl! if you're planning a TO meet up i'm interested in helping plan! <33

  2. yayyyy! sounds good love. i will keep you posted:)

  3. somebody's ambitious, and it isn't m!e ;)

  4. These sound like some good goals! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you managed to get done as much as possible. :)


  5. awesome goals! can you tell us about your cleanse?

  6. you forgot me...what about me?
    (i guess i fall under the 'new people to your place' bit...but i want my own goal! hehe)

  7. p.s: hurray for planning the blogger meet up; stoked!!

  8. Sounds great. I just posted my April list. It's short though because I'm hoping we can get outside & enjoy the nice weather (whenever it gets here).

  9. As I already mentioned on Twitter, I'm 100% to help plan the meetup! I'm so excitttteedddd.

    Also - what's your diet/cleanse?

    I also want to do lots of spring cleaning and see a Jay's game :)

  10. lots of awesome goals! i think april is going to be a goooood month :)

  11. sounds like you will have a very busy month! Good luck hun!

  12. YES! Toronto blogger meetup! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help :)

  13. what cleanse are you doing? I've been thinking about doing one but haven't known a good one to try.

  14. good goals!!
    and yes, like i said also, i would love to help plan the meet up. i'm willing to help out any way you need me to! i am so so so excited. please make sure it's on a day i can come! i may need to send you my schedule...i'm really busy in may, haha.

  15. i can definitely help with the blogger meet up too ;)


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