April 29, 2011

royal wedding love.

happy royal wedding day everyone! ♥
(this photo was taken from the google homepage, how cute is it!?)
this morning pete woke me up so we could watch the "royal kiss" together!
so romantic ♥
from what i've seen of the wedding footage, it was absolutely perfect, a true fairytale! everyone looks amazing and british, and kate looks AMAZING! love her dress so much:)
anyone else been watching footage?
i know it's not a big deal to everyone, but i think it's such a special part of history for us, and i love seeing them so happy together! it's just a wonderful thing!

also - i got amazingggggg news...
i will share it later. yeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyyeyeyeyyeye


  1. I spent all day watching the action live on TV. It was lovely and they seem so right for eachother and it was nice to see everyone, even the crowd so happy

  2. i agree! i think they are so sweet together:) and yes with all that is going on the world, it was nice to see such a positive happy thing happen in the world!


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