April 13, 2011


i love to blog. it's a lot of fun, and i like to think of cute, fun, positive things to post on my blog. i think that i am an honest, sincere blogger. i touch on some personal issues, but try to not post too many specific things. sometimes i wish i could post about certain things in my life, but then i remember that i don't exactly know who reads my blog, or if anyone reads it at all. not only that, but some things are meant to be left personal...and i honour that. i like the type of things i write about, but must admit sometimes i can't write exactly how i am feeling at the exact moment i am posintg. ------------------------------------------------------------- in the last few months i have been through a really hard time with one of my oldest/best friends. i won't go into details but our friendship is over, and some incredibly harsh things were said. i very rarely get in fights with friends, or anyone for that matter. this has really taken a toll on me and made me think about a lot of things. & although i am not necessarily happy about how things ended, i know that it was time. --------------------------------------------------------------- i want to move on with my life, with the people who love and care about me. sometimes, as sad as it is - you realize that things and people change. & right now in my life, i want to focus on the good, because dealing with this has had a really negative impact on my life. i know we all go through it, and it's never easy. but i am so thankful for all the amazing friends i do have, and when i feel upset about this whole situation i remember how lucky i am to have so many incredible, caring friends in my life. ----------------------------------------------------------------- also, during all of this i can't begin to express what pete means to me. my god that man is just perfect. for him to have to listen to all of this, hug me and cuddle me when i couldn't do anything but cry. i am SO SO SO SO lucky to have him, and i tell him every single day. he is my rock. and i write it today, and i will write it a thosand times. he is my everything. ---------------------------------------------------------------- another thing is...my family. they are just wonderful. i have such a close, amazing relationship with them and it makes me so happy to spend time with them and see them as often as i do. my brothers and sister-in-law are such huge influences in my life. not to mention my MOM who is so perfect i swear she's not even human. today she sent me a text, which was just what i needed with all i am going through and it said "Hope your day is going good. Just wanted to tell you what a special person you are and that I am very proud of you..xoxox" ------------------------------------------------------------------- i am not going to get something like this ruin my positive outlook on life. i am moving on to the next chapter in my life. good things are coming! i can feel it! & yesterday i got some really good news, eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! i can't say what it is yet, because i am waiting to see what happens.. i will post something (hopefully good news) once i find out! (& no..i am not getting engaged!) ------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO - can i just say... you guys are all totally wonderful! it's so cute having a little blog family/community. your kind words always brighten my day! & i am gonna spend some time later leaving some kind words for all of you! thank you so much :) ------------------------------------------------------------------- one more hour of work & then... YOGA! my friend from work just got back from thailand where she was training to be a yoga instructor. she is doing a class for us tonight. ps - omg! i still didn't post about my diet! UGH, i will...i will. it's still going pretty well!


  1. I am sorry to hear about your friendship but you right sometimes you just have to move on



  2. Your mom is right, you really are SUCH a special person. You are one of my favorite people of all times and I haven't even met you :) Whatever is going on, is happening for a reason and you will rise above it all and something amazing will be coming your way, I am sure!! I love you so much!!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that! I have been through that situation more than once and it is just so heartbreaking. I'm so glad that you have so many people around who care! Your momma and your boyfriend sound amazing!
    I'm so excited to hear your news!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that Julie. I went through the same thing a few years ago and as heartbreaking as it is, sometimes it's just better to let go of the people who are no longer a positive influence in your life, no matter how old the friendship is. Some people just don't realize how hard you try to keep them happy and it eventually becomes more taxing to maintain one-sided friendships than to end them. Hope you are doing okay and that this will be a good thing for you at the end of it all.

  5. JULES. I just had the same thing happen about a month or two ago and I've been going through a lot of the same things, so if you ever wanna chat, I'm your girl! The end of a once-important friendship is so hard, but at least it shows us how amazing the other people are in our life, the ones who stand by us and support us through those times!

    I was going to blog about my experience but the ex-friend was stalking my blog hard and I didn't want to start anymore drama than had already occurred. What a saga it was. I hope everything has calmed down now and you are doing great. Keep smiling, beautiful! xoxoxo

  6. I just don't know what to say!

    Sorry about the friendship. And wow your mom is amazing. It made me cry a little when you talk about your family and friends. Wish that I had a family like yours. And amazing friends which I am missing in my life.

    Gladly your blog cheers me up!! Ow and some news might be coming to Toronto in 2012, only if your are still there though. :)

    Have a great day. And hopefully we can great about some good news soon.

    Your are an amazing person and the best canadian friend!!

  7. awww, you are so sweet. i'm sorry you went through a tough time. ending friendships can be yucky. i love that you are able to look at the good things that come from a bad thing. it is important to focus on what you do have and are thankful for and you are a pro at that!!
    i love your positive attitude and the happiness you bring to the blog world :) blog friends are awesome.

  8. ugh is right.
    and pete & your mom = amazing.
    and everything that the ladies above me have written are thoughts i have.

    you are such a positive person, but everyone has crap in their life. i think sharing bits like this on a blog helps realize we are all real people with crap to deal with.

    you have so many amazing people in your life that deserve your energy and attention.
    hugs to you.

  9. i feel like maybe our little chat on saturday night is what made you want to post about this, and as i said saturday, it's good to post honest to goodness, REAL things sometimes on your blog (without getting too personal) and i feel like you did that with this post. it's a little reminder that you're normal. haha, not that i ever thought you weren't normal but you know what i mean...for those who don't know you in real life.

    anyway, good things are coming! i can guarantee that is the truth. you are one of the best people i know. even though you're going through all of this stuff, you still managed to light up my weekend and left me feeling refreshed and happy after our visit. you just have that affect on people, you make them smile and make them think of all of the positive things in their life. i love you so much! & you know i'm always here to chat too,

  10. Aw, friend. I am so sorry. I know how hard that is first hand. I hope that you are healing.
    I love your positive and thankful attitude despite all of this.
    Hugs your way!!


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