May 5, 2011

all the way may

hey friends!!!
sorry i haven't posted these until now -
i have had a VERY busy week..
i have been busy prepping my boys birthday surprises all week:)
but here (as promised) are my MAY goals.
i am quite ambitious aren't i!?

may goals
♥ go to jingles (a little bar by my place)
♥ start my own happiness project
♥ read 3 books
♥ get photobooth pics taken with pete♥
♥ blow bubbles
♥ make a friendship bracelet
♥ buy a domain for my blog:)
♥ have a "left,right,centre" night!
♥ finish season 4 of 30 rock
♥ find the perfect spring jacket (& boots maybe too..:)
♥ plan me & pete's 3 year anniversary♥
♥ get a friggin' cute plant
♥ do the dishes always...never leave them un washed! (this is amazing so far)
actually start planning the toronto blogger meet up (sorry!!!)

big things are happening in may & i LOVE this month..
can't wait!
wishing you all the best/most amazing things in may♥


  1. omg i LOVE your dishes goal!!!
    its so hard, but so good with little counter space!

    also, would love to hear about your happiness project, if you are willing to share :) sometimes i miss my fabulous project!

  2. ahhaha thanks allison! it's so liberating so far:) hehe i am loving it!

    yessss, once i get it going i will totally post it! :)



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